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Details of the Patient

  • Patient’s Name: STR
  • Patient’s Age: 23
  • Patient’s Gender: Male

Symptoms shown by the Patient

  • Hair loss in the hairline, mainly in both the sides in ‘U’ shape

An Overview of the Case:

The patient came to our clinic knowing we are one of India’s best hair transplant clinics. The patient had a hairline recession, due to which he was really worried. It was leading him to a lack of confidence to go out in social gatherings. So, at the first consultation, our hair transplant surgeon performed some tests.

The person was 23 years old and had androgenetic alopecia or grade 6 baldness. So, the doctor at Regrow clinic decided to go for a Dense Hair Implantation surgery for the patient. Hence we explained each and everything along with the hair transplant cost in India at Regrow clinic.

During the surgery, our hair transplant surgeon extracted 4975 grafts from the rear part of the scalp and the patient’s beard area and implanted them in the balding hairline. After 20 days from the surgery, there was a little hair growth. After 4 months there was visible coverage on the scalp. Finally, after 6 months, the patient saw the complete coverage that looked very natural. The treatment was successful, and the patient was happy with the results.

Treatment Provided to the Patient

  • Dense Hair Implantation

Medical Tests Performed

  • Preparatory blood test
  • Physical examination of the scalp
  • Allergy test

Guidelines Provided after Treatment

The patient was advised to rest for few days after the surgery. Along with that, the hair transplant surgeon at Regrow clinic prescribes him few medications. These medicines helped him to prevent infections and proper healing.


The patient was asked to follow few post-operative guidelines as well. Like – 

  • Not touching the transplanted hair follicles.
  • Avoiding smoking and alcohol right after the surgery.
  • Staying away from direct sunlight and heavy exercise.

Attaining all his follow-up appointments.

Feedback from the Patient

The patient was delighted as the treatment was very successful, and his transplant looked natural just after 6 months of the surgery.

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