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Body Hair Transplant

How Is Body Hair Used For Transplantation?

There are many cases in which the donor area on the back of the head is sparse, which may be caused by depletion and scarring because of previous surgery.

There are many cases in which the patient’s donor hair on the back of the head is sparse, or due to previous surgery, the donor area is depleted or scarred.

In such cases, body-to-scalp hair transplant is used in which modern technology- Quick Hair Transplant (QHT) FUE, is used to utilize body hair for hair restoration on the scalp.

Body hair transplantation can be successfully done by itself or in combination with scalp hair in advanced grades of baldness. It is done to improve the cosmetic appearance of hairline and in scarring alopecia.

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What is the hair transplant cost in india?

The hair transplant cost in India approximately starts from Rs.60,000 per 2000 grafts. At QHT Clinic, for FUE hair transplant, we charge Rs.30+tax per graft. For in-depth information onhair transplant cost in India.

The cost of hair transplant in India also depends on several factors. These include the clinic’s location, the number of sessions you require, the type of hair transplant method you select, and the surgeon’s experience.

Quick Hair Transplant (QHT) FUE procedure used for body hair transplantation


QHT hair transplant technique

Quick Hair Transplant (QHT) is the advanced version of FUE. which reduces the risk of scarring. Site creations are done with CTS blades and implanting of grafts are done with the help of SAVA implanters, which allows for a more precise angulation.


Insufficient Hair Follicles

It is the most patient-friendly way of treating hair loss problems for people with insufficient hair follicles on their scalp.


The Techniques Of Harvesting

Under this process, hair grafts are extracted with superfine Cole punches having a small diameter.


Which Body Hair Is Suitable For Hair Transplant?

  • The body hair obtained from the beard is the fittest and desirable since it is thick, robust and it grows long. Beard hair is also great for adding density to areas of deficiency.

  • Chest hair is also often used. While beard hair is utilized on the crown of the head, chest hair is usually placed on the frontal hairline to give a natural, feathery look.


Knowledgeable & Experienced Doctors

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We have successfully performed over 6 million hair grafts transplants, including scalp hair transplants, beard hair transplants, and body hair transplants

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Benefits of hair transplantation at QHT clinic

Natural Hair Regrowth

Less Downtime

Painless and Visible Scar-free method

Cost-efficient in the long run

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is The Recovery Period For Hair Transplantation In Men?
Most patients can resume regular activities three to five days after the hair transplant. Within two to three weeks after the transplant, the implanted hair will drop out, and gradually new hair will start growing.
What Should One Expect After The Hair Transplantation?
You should notice hair regrowth within a few months. Most people will see 60% of new hair growth after 6 to 9 months.
Are The Effects Of A Hair Transplant Permanent?
Depending on the follicles used, the surgeon’s skill, and the different options you choose from, the results can be very effective and long-lasting. The transplanted hair can be affected by the patient’s lifestyle, age, and various other factors.
When is the appropriate time to have hair transplantation surgery?
Some patients present themselves for surgery with very early hair loss and a significant amount of miniaturization. In a situation such as this, the better solution is to treat the condition with medication and to wait until a transplant is necessary. However, with recent improvements, there is no need to wait until hair loss has progressed to such an advanced degree that it causes emotional distress and anxiety.

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