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Quick Hair Transplant in India

Why Choose QHT(FUE) Technique for Hair Transplant ?

Welcome to QHT Hair Transplant Clinic in Uttarakhand, Hyderabad, a place where we pioneer advanced hair restoration services using a specialized technique.

Minimal out of body time for grafts : At our clinic, we have adopted a groundbreaking approach that emphasizes minimizing the out-of-body time for grafts. This reduction dramatically curbs the thermal shock, changes in pH, and prevents the drying of the graft outside the body. The continuity of the oxygen supply is maintained, which is crucial for the vitality of the graft. Consider this: when a finger is accidentally cut and reattached within one hour, it has a significantly higher chance of successful integration compared to a finger that is kept outside the body for 6 to 8 hours before reattachment. Our methodology works on similar lines, giving the grafts an excellent chance for acceptance.

High level magnification improves graft placement precision :Our meticulous process involves using fine .7 MM to .8 MM punches, operated by highly trained biosurgeons under 5X German magnification loops. This high-level magnification requires specialist training and expertise, which our surgeons possess.

Furthermore, we pay utmost attention to graft storage. Our grafts are held out of the body for minimal periods and stored in state-of-the-art chilling devices maintaining an exact temperature of 7°C, effectively minimizing thermal shock to the grafts.

To ensure delicate handling of grafts, our staff use 20X microscopes for precise dissection and sorting. Moreover, for optimum results during implantation, we use implanters that adjust implantation angles, ensuring precise placement. Additionally, our process involves creating pre-made sites, which reduces tangential forces, enabling dense packing of the grafts.

At QHT Clinic, every stage of our hair restoration procedure reflects our commitment to precision, innovation, and the highest standards of care. Experience a holistic approach to hair restoration at QHT, where your journey towards renewed confidence begins.

Why Choose QHT(FUE) Technique for Hair Transplant

Modernised Set-up

At QHT Clinic, the modernised infrastructure helps the doctors to bring the best, natural looking hair transplant.

Professional Team Of Doctors & Nurses

Qualified and experienced doctors lead every hair transplant surgery. Since the technique used at QHT Clinic needs a high number of assisting nurses, we have one of the largest working strength in India.


Dr. Ankur Singhal is very particular about the working team of doctors, nurses and technicians. Therefore,the centre has an in-house lab as well as a technician to operate it, and never outsourcesany member of the team, like many of the other centres. Every staff of QHT Clinic is dedicated to discharge its duty under the banner of QHT Clinic only.

Large Infrastructure

In order to avoid long waiting queues of patients, QHT Clinic has multiple operation theatres with the requisite staff and doctors.

What is QHT Technique hair transplant?

QHT Technique is the advanced version of FUE. Under this process, hair grafts are extracted with superfine Cole punches having a small diameter, which reduces the risk of scarring. Site creations are done with CTS blades and implanting of grafts are done with the help of SAVA implanters, which allows for a more precise angulation.

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This technique is very successful because it has a negligible rate of graft damage, has very less downtime, and allows dense hair growth with a high rate of success.

What is the hair transplant cost in india?

The hair transplant cost in India approximately starts from Rs.60,000 per 2000 grafts. At QHT Clinic, for FUE hair transplant, we charge Rs.30+tax per graft. For in-depth information onhair transplant cost in India.

The cost of hair transplant in India also depends on several factors. These include the clinic’s location, the number of sessions you require, the type of hair transplant method you select, and the surgeon’s experience.

What is QHT Technique hair transplant?

The procedure of hair transplant is the same in almost all the treatments.



Before the surgery, your hair is shaved and cleaned with an antiseptic solution.


Hairline Design

Our physicians will mark the donor (back of the head) and recipient areas (bald areas).



Just before commencing the surgery, the bald region and the donor area is numbed with local anaesthesia, which makes the entire procedure painless.


Site Creation

The entire bald region is covered with the slits where healthy harvested grafts are placed to grow.


Extraction, Harvestation and Implantation.

Healthy grafts holding one follicular strand to multiple follicular strands are extracted from the safe zone of donor area. This extraction is done with super fine imported punches to minimize the scarring. Keep in mind that Extraction is done in batches to match the speed of Implantation, matching different angles of Implantation.



The only difference from other hair transplant techniques is the number of hair grafts transplanted in one session. The quick hair transplant process is time effective and depends on professional tools.

Precautions to be taken

A. Tips before quick hair transplant

Stop any medicines which contain aspirin before the session

Do not smoke or have alcohol before your surgery

Take vitamin – C one week before your surgery

Avoid caffeine

B. Tips after quick hair transplant

Avoid going out into the heat or sun

You may experience inflammation, redness, infection, or mild bruising right after your surgery. But all these will go away after a few days

Avoid heavy exercise just after your surgery

Take all the medicines properly

Benefits of hair transplantation at QHT clinic

Natural Hair Regrowth

Less Downtime

Painless and Visible Scar-free method

Cost-efficient in the long run

Advantages of QHT Technique Hair Transplant

The benefits of QHT Technique hair transplant are as follows

The treatment is minimally invasive.

It consumes a significantly less amount of time.

You can have the required density of hair in the first session.

The newly transplanted hair behaves like your natural hair.

The treatment is least painful.

You will need very few simple post-treatment care.

The use of a specialized tool makes the process easy-going and highly effective.

Why Choose QHT Clinic?

He is one of the few hair transplant surgeons who is an expert in corrective hair transplant surgery in India. He has handled hundreds of failed or botched-up hair restoration surgeries.

Our clinic is one of the most preferred hair transplant centers for its cutting-edge technology, latest equipment, and advanced hair restoration techniques. We are a one-stop destination for all your hair issues.

We have a high success rate and are known for our consistency, excellent results, and quick recovery time. Further, our clinic offers the most cost-effective hair transplant rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is The Recovery Period For Hair Transplantation In Men?
Most patients can resume regular activities three to five days after the hair transplant. Within two to three weeks after the transplant, the implanted hair will drop out, and gradually new hair will start growing.
What Should One Expect After The Hair Transplantation?
You should notice hair regrowth within a few months. Most people will see 60% of new hair growth after 6 to 9 months.
Are The Effects Of A Hair Transplant Permanent?
Depending on the follicles used, the surgeon’s skill, and the different options you choose from, the results can be very effective and long-lasting. The transplanted hair can be affected by the patient’s lifestyle, age, and various other factors.
When is the appropriate time to have hair transplantation surgery?
Some patients present themselves for surgery with very early hair loss and a significant amount of miniaturization. In a situation such as this, the better solution is to treat the condition with medication and to wait until a transplant is necessary. However, with recent improvements, there is no need to wait until hair loss has progressed to such an advanced degree that it causes emotional distress and anxiety.

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