Excessive Baldness and Hair loss Treated with FUE Hair Transplant

Excessive Baldness

Details of the Patient

  • Patient’s Name: Dr. Ashwani Saxena
  • Patient’s Age: 65
  • Patient’s Gender: male

Symptoms shown by the Patient

  • Baldness
  • Hair fall on the frontal region

An Overview of the Case:

Dr. Ashwani Saxena visited Regrow Clinic, one of top clinics offering hair transplant in India. The patient visited us because of baldness and hair loss problems. Dr. Ashwani was a general physician in a Government Hospital in Uttarakhand, he had always wanted to appear appealing to his patients, but baldness was a major setback.

At Regrow Clinic, our hair transplant doctor consulted the patient and conducted come tests. Our doctor concluded that the patient had baldness in the frontal and crown region and an FUE hair transplant would be the best option for treatment.

Our hair transplant doctor explained the FUE hair transplant procedure to Dr. Ashwani and he agreed to go for the treatment. We had set up 2 hair transplant sessions for the patient. In the first session, our hair transplant surgeon implanted 3646 grafts in the frontal area of the scalp. In the second session, 2431 grafts were implanted in the crown area of the scalp. So, our hair transplant surgeon implanted a total of 6077 hair grafts with FUE hair transplant. It has now been a year after the hair transplant surgery and Dr. Ashwani has received amazing hair density with reduced hair loss.

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