Grade 7 Baldness Treated with FUE Hair Transplant

Grade 7 Baldness

Details of the Patient

  • Patient’s Name: Ajay
  • Patient’s Age: 35
  • Patient’s Gender: male

Symptoms shown by the Patient

  • Hair loss

Case Presentation

Mr. Ajay came to Regrow clinic, one of the best hair transplant clinic in India. The patient had baldness due to which he had been wearing hair wigs for 3 years. Mr. Ajay was very concerned about his hair loss problem and it was causing him a lot of stress. Our hair transplant surgeon at Regrow Clinic consulted the patient and performed some tests.

Mr. Ajay had androgenetic alopecia or grade 7 baldness. So, our surgeon performed a FUE hair transplant surgery for the patient. Before the procedure, we ensured that the patient understood everything about FUE hair transplant and its cost.

During the surgery, our hair transplant surgeon extracted 1475 grafts from the beard region of the patient and implanted it in the balding crown region of the scalp. The surgery went smoothly, and the patient was very happy.

Physical Examination & Tests

  • Hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg)
  • Human immunodeficiency viruses(HIV)
  • Complete blood picture (CBP)

Our hair transplant specialist recommended the patient to re

Post-Operative Assessment

st for a few days after the surgery. Also, the patient was prescribed some medications to help prevent infection and help with quick recovery.

Our specialist also gave Mr. Ajay some post-operative guidelines, which included not touching the transplanted hair follicles. We also asked the patient to attend all his follow-up appointments so our specialist could assess the recovery and hair growth.


“When I first arrived at Regrow, I was very nervous because I had no previous experience with hair transplants. The doctor on the other hand, took his time and explained the entire process to me very clearly. And now that I’ve had my hair transplant, I’m very satisfied. They made sure I was comfortable throughout the surgery. Thank you Regrow and keep up the great work.”

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