Hair Loss Treated By Transplanting 1,806 Hair Grafts With FUE/DHI Hair Transplant Surgery

Before and after

Details of the Patient

  • Patient’s Name: Unknown
  • Patient’s Age: 29
  • Patient’s Gender: Male

Symptoms shown by the Patient

  • Slow and progressive hair loss

An Overview of the Case:

Hair loss or thinning hair is the most common indication of baldness. In India, hair loss is a common problem. Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss. Androgenetic alopecia is another word for male pattern baldness. Often, it is a condition that affects youngsters in their early twenties and thirties. People search for the best hair transplant doctor in India to treat hair loss and baldness with reliable and desirable results.

Male pattern baldness has early to progressive phases. Men’s receding hairlines can occur as early as puberty. You can use the Norwood Hamilton scale to determine the severity of the balding stages. Hair loss and balding are classified into stages of male pattern baldness using the Norwood scale. It categorizes male pattern baldness into stages based on hair loss and a receding hairline, enlarging men’s foreheads.

In men with Norwood Type 2 hair, the hairline at the temples recedes slightly. Usually, there is no hair loss at the vertex region of the scalp. Although a Norwood Type 2 hairline may indicate the beginning of more significant hair loss, not all men with this type of hair loss lose hair progressively.

Male pattern baldness is a condition that can be addressed in several ways. The majority of treatment techniques have the best success rates when hair loss is in its early stages. Hair transplantation may be the only option for those dealing with hair loss in its final stages.

Tests Performed:

Pre-operative Hair Transplant Tests


Norwood Grade II Hair loss


  • FUE/DHI Hair Transplantation
  • Hair Thickness – Good
  • Hair / Skin Contrast – Fair
  • Donor Density +79 FUs/cm2
  • Extraction Method – 100% Motorized Punch
  • Placement Grafts – SAVA Implanter Pen

Hair Transplant Surgical Objective: 

Restore Hairline & Frontal in one session.

Temple creation was done due to receding temples.

Total Implanted Grafts – 1,806

Single – 574, Doubles – 943

Triples – 215, 4-5 Hairs – 74

Total Implanted Hairs – 4,334

Average of Hairs per graft – 2.4

Detailed Description:

A 29-year patient who was experiencing slow and progressive hair loss visited Regrow Hair Clinic. After a detailed analysis, Dr. Ankur Singhal, a highly qualified and experienced hair transplant doctor in India, diagnosed the problem as Norwood Grade II hair loss.

Two weeks before the surgery, Dr. Singhal prescribed the patient Ketoconazole shampoo for treating dandruff. After a thorough examination, Dr. Ankur Singhal suggested FUE and DHI hair transplant treatments to the patient. Dr. Singhal also informed him about various hair transplant techniques and the necessary pre-and post-operative guidelines.

After knowing about the procedure, benefits, and costs, the patient chose to undergo hair transplantation treatment. Dr. Singhal told the patient that he would receive the best treatment possible at an inexpensive hair transplant cost in India. Dr. Singhal transplanted 1806 hair grafts in the hairline and frontal regions.

Only a few months following surgery, hair began to grow in the transplanted areas. The patient had excellent hair density and a natural-looking hairline after five to six months.

Post Treatment Guidelines:

Finasteride 1mg per day, Vitamins, and Minoxidil 5% two times/day were prescribed. Furthermore, the patient was recommended to have two PRP sessions throughout seven months. We called the patient frequently to ensure his full recovery.

Patient’s Feedback:

This is what the patient said, “My hair transplant went as expected, and I am pleased with the results. During the surgery, Dr. Singhal and his staff were competent and made me feel at ease. I am grateful to Team Regrow.”

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